Study visit

On 21 September 2018, the conference participants will be given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with three tourist attractions of Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship, which have been using the financial support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund. You will have opportunity to taste trditional, regional meal.

The Medieval Settlement in Huta Szklana
is the place, which in interesting, interactive ways introduces tourists and pilgrims to the cultural diversity, historical heritage of Swietokrzyskie Mountains and Swietokrzyski National Park but also to the native legends and local folklore. The association Local Action Group - Around The Bold Peak has developed and provided funds for the conception and specification of the settlement.

The construction has been conducted with use of the European Regional Development Fund. The facility start-up followed the specialistic courses for unemployed residents. They were conducted by the Bieliny Municipality and Local Action Group – Around the Bold Peak’ supported by the European Social Fund. What distinguish the Medieval Settlement in Huta Szklana is its interactive nature.  The medieval craftsmen not only tell the national legends, but also provide additional attractions including interesting socially-educational outdoor games combined with friendly rivalry.  Main idea is to cognize history, cultural heritage and the region characteristics, as well as manual skills development during the handcraft workshops.
Wide range of facilities matching the families’ needs allows the spread of local history, customs and traditions typical for the region. This place along with the inn at its area promotes the local cuisine and regional art. The surrounding has been adapted to the need of tourism industry. Therefore, numerous entities connected to this economy segment such as souvenir stores, guiding, accommodation and transportation services have been made. Jobs created are occupied by the local residents.
The Medieval Settlement held the open air events like “Medieval Picnic” or “Festival of Swietokrzyskie Traditional Cuisine” within the ‘small projects’ idea promoting the offer and sharing local customs, culture and cuisine with tourists and next generations. The handcraft workshops organised in the settlement visualised professions typical for the middle ages, illustrated the history and traditions of a Swietokrzyskie Mountains region and prepared future employees to work associated with these activities.

Cultural and Archeological Centre in Nowa Słupia
reflects the ancient hamlet from the very first centuries. It is situated by the stream deriving from the foothill of the Bold Peak. Facility is located exactly where the old-time furnaces were. The centre proves its usefulness as a site for topical events including handcrafts, daily routines and spiritual life of the society which lived in this region 2000 years ago.

This is the only place in Poland and possibly even in the whole Europe, where the ancient iron metallurgy is presented in such a wide cultural context. Each one of the settlement elements has the confirmation in historical sources and has been created based on the archeological studies. Important feature of the facility is that the construction methods used, were the same as the practises used in ancient times. It is an accurate representation of housing and industrial facilities typical for Iron Age as well as buildings set at the borderlands of the Roman Empire and barbarian parts of Europe. Moreover, one of the main local events called “Dymarki Swietokrzyskie” has been held at the site for several dozen years. This retrospection allows You to go back to times when the area of Swietokrzyskie Mountains was considered one of the fastest devolpoing metallurgy industry in Europe. The most important part of the celebration is the reconstruction of iron-making process with use of 2 thousand years old methods assisted with presentation of the manufacturing and daily activities.

Cultural and Archeological Centre in Nowa Slupia was designed as part of the Leader programme by the Local Action Group The Association for the Swietokrzyskie Rural Area Development and built by Nowa Slupia Municapality using funds from the European Regional Development Found.  Complete value of the project is approximately 4.2 mln zl, with funding of 50%. Local Cultural Institution Heritage Centre of Swietokrzyskie Mountains supported by the LGD runs the facility. Various grant projects were conducted as educational workshops for schoolchildren. Part of the financial resources have been used as assist for “Dymarki Swietokrzyskie” – the biggest archeological festival among Poland, which annualy takes place at the Cultural and Archeological Centre in Nowa Slupia.

Kurozweki Palace Complex
The association aims in maintenance and display of the historic buildings included in the Kurozweki Palace.

The company provides tourist, hotel management and gastronomic services. The various offer addresses both individual and group customers. It successfully combines tourist attractive antique palace built in XIV century with agribusiness elements such as American bisons’ inbreeding, mini zoo and mazes in corn and hemp.
The company presents appealing offer for school trips, individual tourists, business conferences and family gatherings.
The bisons’ inbreeding is obviously an unusual tourist attraction, but it also brings other benefits including unique bison’s meat menu or an opportunity to organise massive outdoor event called “Wild West in Kurozweki”. Its marketing was a theme of the project fulfilled in 2010.

Second project was called “Corn Maze – attraction, product, tool of promotion”. Afterwards we held the initiative named “Retrofitting and promotion of the Popiel family mementos and Jozef Czapski’s painiting exhibition”.
Next ones were “Dry smoked bison sausages as a commercial local product” and “Interactive rout combining history and legends, in the basements of Kurozweki Palace “.
Altogether over the period 2007 – 2013 as a part of Rural Development Programme, 5 small grant projects initiated by Local Development Strategy LGD Biale Lugi have been accomplished. Their overall value was 162 683 zl. The bailout reached 99 094 zl.
Within the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 the financial support of 15 mln zl  has been raised for the project called “Popiels’ Palace – learn from the past, experience presence, look towards the future”
Due to all of these qualities and positive aspects, the Kurozweki Palace has been considered one of the main attractions in Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship for many years.